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While Hedge Fund ownership can provide significant investment opportunities, the complexity created due to cash flow, valuation, distribution, diversification and transfers can result in significant tax planning needs.

FTS can help, our professionals have extensive experience assisting hedge funds and their partners. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on the funds and their partners, assisting them to plan for and to make decisions that will help them to achieve their goals on a tax-efficient basis. We offer an organized, experience-based approach.

FTS has worked with some of the largest hedge funds in the world and continues to address the complex issues facing the industry, providing the following expertise:

  • Strategies for Optimal Onshore and Offshore Fund structure.
  • Preparation of Federal, State and Local fund income tax returns.
  • Preparation of Schedule K-1s, reporting to meet US filings requirements and US tax reporting obligations.
  • Preparation of PFIC Statements, including consideration of the Excess Distribution regime, Mark-to-Market regime, and the Qualified Electing Fund (QEF) regime.
  • Preparation of Interim Tax Information.
  • Planning/Analysis of Fund Structure with regard to Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI), Effectively Connected Income (ECI), and other issues.
  • Preparation of tax documentation to obtain withholding tax reclaims under international tax treaties.
  • Tracking contributed property and mandatory Sec. 754 basis adjustment calculations.
  • FBAR reporting


   FTS also addresses the needs of hedge fund partners in bringing the following services to its individual clients:

  • Strategies for Profits Interest Ownership
  • Clawback Mitigation
  • Diversification of Wealth Concentration
  • Post-Diversification Consulting.
  • Qualified Small Business Stock Considerations.
  • FATCA Compliance - UPDATE

    At FTS, our clients' needs are our sole concern. Our independence from audit services helps avoid common conflicts of interest. To learn more about the full range we provide to the Alternative Investment Industry or to speak with our tax professionals, please contact us.